Short Essay on Women Employment

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Short Essay on Women Employment

Employment of women has now been widely accepted phenomena in present Indian society. The parents and the society are now approving the employment of both married and unmarried girls.

Though educated people are changing in their attitude but some conservative section of the society do not consider it good for an unmarried girl to be in a job.

Many employed unmarried women give their salary to their parents or use it in meeting the daily needs of their family. They also use this money on their cosmetics, dress, education, etc. Some of them deposit this money in bank or keep up to themselves for their marriage.

The parents of a girl child do recognize the need of preparing her for a vocational or professional role.

Some people do not recognize the occupational role of woman as necessary in normal course but almost all of them recognize the need of preparing her for such a role to cope with calamities.

This has also brought in a change in the basic orientation of the female. Employment and career has become an important part of her life. She is gradually becoming achievement oriented, and is thus having her independent aspirations and is trying to achieve those.

Lack of occupational mobility: Most of the working women prefer to get employed at a place near to their place of residence. Many women accept a low salaried job, but do not prefer to go over to a place away from their home.

Conclusion: On the one hand, women have very few job opportunities. On the other, they are restrained to join a job because of its social propriety.

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