Short Love Letter (English LETTER WRITTING)

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Short Love Letter

24th June 2019

Dear Jenny,

I want you to know that “I LOVE YOU”. I know that you know that “I LOVE YOU” but I want to tell you again. I know I could have called you but I thought why not, do it the classic way. I have never sent a love letter before to anyone and you are the lucky one and the first one. That is a record of sorts…a domestic one but an important one. Writing with a pen on a paper has its own charm and excitement. Weaving the words together, crossing the wrong sentences, guessing the most appropriate words and thinking about you. It makes me feel mushy and coy. You are away and I remember you very fondly. I have intense feelings and admiration for you.

Please come fast.

Awaiting to see you

Your Love

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