Short note on Classroom

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Short note on Classroom


Classroom is a room where students are taught or given lessons. In a typical classroom, several students sit on benches and the teacher teaches them. The students are expected to maintain silence and pay attention to what the teacher is saying.

In a school, there are many desks and benches. The teacher writes on the black-board (or white-board). The writings in the black-board is cleared with the help of a duster.

A classroom should be neat, clean and hygiene place. It should be airy so that the student doesn’t feel suffocated. It should have fans and adequate lighting.

Good students sit quietly and never misbehave with the teacher. A class-monitor is appointed from among the classmates. It is the responsibility of the class-monitor to maintain discipline in the absence of the teacher.

Often, students makes friends in a classroom. The friends that a student makes in his classroom sometimes becomes their life-long friends.

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