Short Note on the Internet

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Short Note on the Internet

Internet is a network of computerized electronic devices. Exchange of data take place between these computerized systems.

We access internet through mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets, etc.) and personal computers.

The introduction of computerized mobile devices has given us access to internet even when we are moving across places.

Pros / Advantages / Merits

  1. Access to any information has become a matter of few seconds.
  2. We can contact our friends through social media sites.
  3. When we are on our holidays, internet becomes the medium for sharing our pictures and clips with our loved ones.
  4. We are always accessible for the ones who need us.
  5. Internet facilitates our business. After answering the queries over email, we can close business deals through video conferencing.
  6. We can transfer money to other people through Internet. For this, we need a bank account, and get the banking application downloaded on our smartphone.
  7. Students can research online and complete their school assignment.

Cons / Disadvantages / Demerits

Too much of anything is bad. In spite of having so many advantages, too much usage of Internet may bring with it its disadvantages.

  1. We have become too much mechanical.
  2. Now, we really don’t care to remember any information. We just rely on the internet. And, as a result we are not making true use of our mind.
  3. It is true that we can remain accessible to internet at all time. But, we are human-beings and not machines. Our body and mind needs some rest at intervals. People keep communicating with us through emails, sms, social sites, etc. And we forget about taking out some time for rest. Discipline plays a great role in every spheres of life, including our internet activities.

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