Short Paragraph on A Visit to a Zoo

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Short Paragraph on A Visit to a Zoo

Hello Friends! I am sharing my experience on my visit to a Zoo.

One day in sunny winter morning our class teacher took me and some of my friends to the zoo in Alipur.

One of my friends Ravi carried food in a big tiffin carrier for all of us. Our class teacher asked from where we wanted to begin. Ajay, one of our friends replied that he wanted to begin with the king. The rest of us could not follow him.

The class teacher explained that it was lion, the king of beasts. Animals were the chief attraction of this place. So, at first we went to the cage where a lion with his family lived. Seeing us, the lion began to roar.

After that we proceeded towards another cage. It was the cage of a Royal Bengal Tiger. It was frightfully beautiful and we could not turn our eyes. It was licking its paw in closed eyes.

At another place we saw that the monkeys were swinging from branches of trees. Seeing their posture and gesture we could not help laughing.

Even our class teacher began to laugh in a loud voice. After this we saw a big fearful crocodile. It was lying on the mud beside the swamp. We played there for half an hour. After that while we felt hungry. We sat under a tree and had our meal. Thereafter, we moved here and there in a cheerful mood and enjoyed a great fun. In the evening we all returned home with indescribable joy and happiness.

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