Short Paragraph on Advertising

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Short Paragraph on Advertising

Advertising is a method of conveying a message to the public. In particular, an advertisement seeks to present a positive image of a company, brand, product or service.

Thus, advertising what we call a brand’s communication to the general public. By means of adverts in print media, in video form, and in visual formats like billboards, companies can convey the quality of their products.

The intention of advertisement is usually to create demand: to make members of the public want to buy a product. Often, this is done by showing people how much easier their lives would be if they bought the product. Thus, adverts aim to show a product’s usefulness.

Advertisement is also used to maintain existing demand. As well as creating new customers, adverts try to ensure that existing customers stay interested in the products. Advertisement thus also aims to inspire trust and loyalty.

Adverts often try to capture the spirit of the time. They can be fun and entertaining to watch. But they also have a pragmatic purpose: to get the general public interested in parting with their money.

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