Short Paragraph on Afforestation

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Short Paragraph on Afforestation

 Afforestation means massive program of social forestry to meet demands to local people for fuel, fodder, timber etc.

Afforestation restores ecological balance of all ecosystems, maintain biological diversity, and act as catchments for all soil and water, conservation, prevent floods and future of tribal people.

Afforestation shall assist in achieving 33% of land to be covered by forest in future. Large scale afforestation is the need of the hour. It means preservation and plantation of trees. The massive afforestation pro­grammes help fast in growing indigenous and exotic species for production and protection of forestry on suitable land including waste land.

All should come forward to make the plantation projects a real success. It is to be remembered that one tree means one life and it is to be saved for our own safety. The rehabilitation of forests and maintenance of proper forest cover and ecosystem are therefore the only left to us for our survival.

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