Short Paragraph on an Ideal Teacher

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Short Paragraph on an Ideal Teacher

A really good teacher is born as such. Of course, by devotion and diligence he can surely become an ideal teacher.

An ideal teacher will thus influence and shape the character of succeeding generations of students. For in every system and, of course, of education, it is the teacher who matters most. Rabindranath Tagore has assigned pivotal role to the teachers.

An ideal teacher should not only teach well and manage the class efficiently. He should also be a person who teaches both by his spoken words as also by his manners, gestures and personal contact with the students.

Gandhiji has laid stress on spiritual education. For learning this, a student has to entirely depend on the teacher as viewed from close quarters.

In short, an ideal teacher should have to be an exemplar in many ways. He set an example by doing things himself.

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