Short Paragraph on Chalukya Kingdom

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Short Paragraph on the Chalukya Kingdom

Chalukya Kingdom

Pulakesin I was the founder of the Chalukya Dynasty. The kingdom that was ruled by the Chalukyas was known as Chalukya Kingdom.

The greatest Chalukya king was Pulakesin II who defeated Harshavardhana and prevented his advance into the Deccan.

The Chalukyas of Badami lost their power in the eighth century A.D. when they were defeated by the Rashtrakutas.

However, after the fall of the Rashtrakutas a second Chalukya kingdom was set-up by Tailapa at Kalyan.

Art and Architecture: The Chalukya kings were patrons of art and sculpture. Under their patronage temples of Sangameswara and Virupaksha were built. These are excellent specimens of the architectural skill of the Chalukya artists. Again, the ruins of the temples at Aihole and Badami testify to the achievements of the Chalukya sculptors.

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