Short Paragraph on Cleanliness

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Short Paragraph on Cleanliness

It is rightly said ‘cleanliness is next to godliness.’ Cleanliness means keeping our body, mind and everything around us clean. This is a good habit. It should be cultivated from early life.

Cleanliness refers to the habitual acts of keeping the dirt away, to maintain good health, following both personal and environmental hygiene practices. In simple words, it refers to the state of being clean.

Cleanliness of body is essential for good health. It is said that dirt and disease always go together. So for keeping good health we should have regular bath, we should clean our body, clothes and surroundings. We should also avoid dirty food.

Men of clean habits are liked by all. All dislike and avoid dirty men. Their dirty habits spread the germs of disease. Cleanliness of the body brings about the purity of mind. A neat and clean body with a clean mind is the abode of god.

How to maintain cleanliness?

  1. We should always throw waste in the dustbin. Besides making the roads dirty, these wastes also creates the problem of water logging. Water logging makes the place dirty. There arises hygiene and sanitation issues.
  2. We should keep the dirt away.
  3. We should keep clean the place where potable water is stored.
  4. Cooked food should be kept covered.
  5. We should keep the water bodies free from pollutants.
  6. We should keep environment clean.
  7. We should never do such things that pollutes or contaminates the environment in any way.
  8. We should wear washed clothes every day.
  9. We should take a shower both in the morning and at night.
  10. We should clean homes daily.
  11. The public areas such roads, parks, railway stations, etc. should be kept clean.
  12. We should wash our hands before and after having food.
  13. We should use a hand sanitizer before and after touching patients at hospitals.
  14. Before retiring to sleep, we should wash our face, hands, and legs to let go the dirt.

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