Short Paragraph on Consumer Awareness

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Short Paragraph on Consumer Awareness

Essay on Consumer Awareness

Consumers buy the goods by spending money or receives the service against money. Those who buy things for their cash, or credit or partially cash or credit are known as consumers.

Consumer Awareness empowers the consumer of his rights as a consumer, so that he can get the best deal. It also involves imparting of adequate knowledge and information about the products, so that he makes the best deal.

The consumers should aware themselves of the following matters:

  1. Receive proper invoice,  bill, cash memo or voucher.
  2. The name of things bought or the description of the service should be mentioned in the invoice.
  3. The date of the transaction should be mentioned.
  4. Taxes should be mentioned on the invoice or bill.
  5. Consumers should check if the name of the goods, weight, quantity, manufacturing-date, name of the manufacturer and address are mentioned on the covers of the packaged goods.
  6. The government has fixed the rate of indirect taxes on different kinds of goods.
  7. Consumer should check for symbol such as ISI mark on industrial goods, Agmark on agricultural products, Hallmark on golden ornament, etc.
  8. The good which can be weighed should be bought after checking the product.

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