Short Paragraph on Contentment

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Short Paragraph on Contentment

Contentment refers to a state self-satisfaction with one’s own position. It is a sweet attitude to life. It is mostly an inborn quality. It is the source of happiness in life.

However, man desires to achieve more and more. An insatiable hunger urges him to grasp and grab all. He knows no satisfaction until he reaches the goal. But his hankering does not end then and there. He starts a fresh journey along the newer avenues. He may not reach the target.

Discontentment makes him restless. He bleeds and finds life a burden. Hence the culture of contentment is required.

Though contentment is an innate virtue, it may be developed or cultivated. Here we are to adjust ourselves with the situations. We must accept the ills of life with calm of mind and remain unperturbed.

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