Short Paragraph on Cyclone

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Short Paragraph on Cyclone

The Cyclone

In spite of so much advancement of scientific knowledge, civilized men are still at the mercy of some uncontrollable forces of Nature. The cyclone is one of them.

Cyclone erupts with a terrifying energy. The strong wind whirls at a tremendous velocity of 120 to 200 kilometer per hours. It is accompanied by thunder, lightning and rain.

During its stay for several hours, it completely dominates over all earthly things like a tyrannical king. It moves anti-clockwise. On the seas, it is called a hurricane or typhoon.

It is usually caused due to extreme heat of the sun in summer, which vaporizes the air of the lower altitude and causes a depression on the seas. Human science can detect the ‘eye’ or the center of the cyclone, and the direction to which it is heading. But it cannot stop it or counteract it. Even the U.S.A. suffers a lot of damage every year due to cyclones.

A big cyclone destroys everything in its way trees, posts, housetops, tough cables. It may even overturn vehicles, kill animals and sweep away cottages. The water of the oceans swells up and drowns lands under its influence. Altogether it leaves a vast trail of destruction. However, there is a consolation. This natural calamity purges the atmosphere of poisonous gases and enriches it with healthy ozone.

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