Short Paragraph on Dancing and Its Benefits

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Short Paragraph on Dancing and Its Benefits

What is dancing? To dance means to move the body in a rhythmic fashion. Dancing can be done in time to music, but it does not need to be.

Dancing is an art form: it is designed to look beautiful as well as being meaningful. Dancing can tell a story or be meaningful in other ways – such as embodying emotion.

Benefits of dancing: There are numerous benefits/advantages of dancing. They are briefly discussed below:

  1. Tradition: some dances are traditions passed down over many centuries.
  2. Sociable: dancing with other people is a great way of being sociable.
  3. Expression: sometimes, dance can express emotions that words cannot.
  4. Celebration: no celebration would be complete without a dance.
  5. Romance: dancing can be very romantic.
  6. Health: dancing is a great workout.
  7. Human endeavor: the skills of highly trained ballerinas push the limits of human endeavor.
  8. Enjoyable: watching a dance performance is very enjoyable.
  9. Past-times: dancing is a wonderful hobby.

Conclusion: We all have it in us to join in with the dance.

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