Short paragraph on Drought

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Short paragraph on Drought

 The water of most of the ponds, ditches and rivers are dried up during summer. After summer comes rainy season of monsoon and rains give a great relief from the unbearable heat. But if it does not rain for a longer period than usual – the condition is called drought.

The people of the villages who have to live on agriculture only are most affected. It brings disaster on their lives.

The soil of the fields become so dry that it is split in pieces and the agricultural land become unploughable. So no crops can be grown.

At present days even farmers have to depend on rain water for cultivation.

People of the villages face a great difficulty for having drinking water as the wells and ponds dry up. They are compelled to drink polluted water and as result diseases like cholera breakout and people die like animals.

The cattle have nothing to eat. They fall prey of hunger, thirst and different diseases.

Drought for a prolonged period brings famine and village people leave their homes in search of food.

It brings a lot of misery on the lives of rural people. So it is regarded as a curse.

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