Short Paragraph on Drug Addiction among Youth

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Short Paragraph on Drug Addiction among Youth

Drug addiction among the youth people belonging to the different strata has posed a serious threat to the health of the society to-day the entire world over.

The popular and intoxicating drugs are usually produced from opium.

The young addicts are found at large in the nooks of the parks in cities, in the deserted houses, by the side of the holy rivers and even in beaches (in case of beach areas). It may sound a little unusual but it is in fact true that some of the beaches of Goa have become the veritable havens of the drug addicts. It is very much unfortunate to say that the sanctity of the premises of many educational institutions too has been outraged by the intrusion of the drug-addicted pupils. Many student hostels have been transformed into dens of drug peddlers.

The drug industry is posing serious threat to a sizable section of the youths, in particular, to their charmed circles with irresistible impetuosity.

We mark the acuteness of this malady when its menacing rise in an alarming proportion among the youth in India in recent years is brought to the surface. Drug addiction among youth is matter of genuine concern to all the right thinking persons.

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