Short Paragraph on Economic Growth with Social Justice

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Short Paragraph on Economic Growth with Social Justice

Economic growth with social justice means that in development, the needs of the common man must take precedent over other considerations. This is not often realized because Indian people are obsessed with western models.

It is undoubtedly important that the country must produce more cars—big and small—but clearly public buses must be provided to meet the needs of the common man in towns and villages before the production of more cars is undertaken.

We need more and more higher education if the country is to be assured of an adequate supply of leaders of society in every sphere of life, in administration, professions, industry, but there is little sense in turning out graduates who cannot be gainfully employed and financially starving elementary education for both boys and girls.

We need up-to-date and fully-equipped and staffed hospitals and research institutes, but higher priority has to be assigned to primary health centers if the needs of the common man are to be the criteria for investment in the social services.

Luxurious residential buildings, magnificent hotels and impressive public buildings no doubt add to the attraction of the country and to its prestige, but while huge funds are invested in them, the construction of houses for the common man is neglected for want of funds and construction materials.

The existence of beautiful buildings in a city or a town side by side with slums is a clear proof of un-socialist planning.

It is the primary duty of every civilized society to create at least the minimum conditions of good life for every individual before it sanctions indulgence in luxury and conspicuous consumption.

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