Short Paragraph on Electricity and its Uses

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Short Paragraph on Electricity and its Uses

Electricity and its Uses

Electricity is produced from coal, water or air. Electrical energy is perhaps the most useful form of energy. In our daily life, we can see a large number of appliances operated by electricity.


Following are the uses of Electricity:

1. Electrical energy is used to produce heat, as in a heater or an electric kettle or in an immersion heater. It is used to produce light, as in a bulb or a tube light.

2. It is used to produce sound, as in a call bell or blowing a horn in a motorcar or operating the siren in a mill or a factory.

3. It is used for operating pump sets in a bore-well, fodder-cutting machines and cold storages for storing fruits and vegetables.

4. Electrical energy can also produce motion. When you switch on a fan, it starts moving.

5. Electrical energy is also used for moving conveyor belts that carry materials from one place to another.

6. Radio, television, tape recorders, refrigerators and computers are operated by electricity.

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