Short Paragraph on Family Love

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Short Paragraph on Family Love

The family is a world in itself, and the earliest and most sacred lessons of sacrifice are learnt within its fold.

First, we will take Parental Love. Parental love plays an important role in our lives. What great sacrifices our parents have made, or are prepared to make for us. There is no need to expatiate on this theme.

Brotherly or sisterly love is very dear and abiding. Another great spring of sacrifice is to be found in the relation of man and wife.

The above are special virtues marking the mutual relations of the members of a family. To these may be added the general love of’ home as a whole. The home is the first school where man and woman is trained to be unselfish, to gradually expand himself. The joys and sorrows of home-life are very real and intense; their impression on the mind most salutary.

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