Short Paragraph on Father’s Day

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Short Paragraph on Father’s Day

What is Father’s Day? Father’s day is a day on which we celebrate our fathers, and show them that we love them. If we are fathers ourselves. fathers day is a day for spending quality time with our children.

When is Father’s day celebrated? Father’s day usually falls on the third Sunday in June. Though, it may occur on different days throughout the year. Last time, this was celebrated on June 19, 2016. The father’s day celebration for the year 2017 falls on Sunday, June 18.

Origin and History: Father’s Day is often seen as a later accompaniment to Mother’s Day (this latter has its origins in at least the sixteenth century, in British celebrations of mothers in general and the Virgin Mary in particular).

In 1910 in Washington, USA, a woman decided to hold a Father’s Day celebration in June in her local YMCA. Her own father had raised 6 children.

The celebration caught on, and Father’s Day was born!

How is Father’s Day Celebrated?

  • By giving cards and gifts, or by doing something nice for our fathers – or simply by spending time with them.
  • By dedicating songs to fathers.
  • By distributing sweets.
  • Dining out with the father.
  • Going out to watch a movie.

Importance of Father’s Day.

  • An opportunity to tell our fathers that we love them.
  • A reminder to remember all our fathers have done for us.
  • A chance for families to spend time together.
  • A recognition that fathers deserve their own day, just like mothers.
  • A timeless celebration.

Conclusion: How will you celebrate Father’s Day this year?


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