Short Paragraph on “Great Talkers are Never Great Doers”

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Short Paragraph on “Great Talkers are Never Great Doers”

Great talkers are never great doers

The meaning of the term ‘great talkers are never great doers” means that people who make big promises loudly, rarely manage to maintain the pledge. As a gorgeous outward appearance often proves deceptive, so does lofty promise turn into a mirage.

On the contrary, those who speak very little and believe in practical action and know their limitations, really prove themselves to be sincere enough to keep their promise. When people talk about themselves, their past achievements, adventure and display of courage, etc., they tend to forget all the boundaries and their actual performance often belie their previous exaggerated statements.

There are a number of such great-talkers, who blow their own trumpets, parade their own worth in high sounding words just to conceal their inner weakness and vices. They are like empty vessels that sounds much. But their vanity or selfishness often exposes them to a very low position, when in times of crisis they show the white feather inappropriate of their tall talks.

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