Short Paragraph on ‘Greenhouse effect’

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Short Paragraph on ‘Greenhouse effect’

The term ‘Greenhouse effect’ is closely related to the ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’. Let us briefly analyze the various aspects of ‘Greenhouse effect’.

What is the meaning of the greenhouse effect? 

The greenhouse effect is a name for a phenomenon that makes the earth like a greenhouse. Just as a greenhouse traps heat, the earth’s atmosphere traps the sun’s rays. This causes the earth to heat up.

It is believed by scientists that greenhouse gases are primarily responsible for the greenhouse effect. These greenhouse gases such as (carbon dioxide – co2, Methane – CH4, water vapor, etc. traps the excess heat cause a surge in planet earth’s temperature.

List of greenhouse gases.

  • Methane.
  • Carbon Dioxide.
  • CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).
  • Nitrous oxide.

Causes of the greenhouse effect.

  • Pollutants (especially CFS) create holes in the ozone layer, allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate into the atmosphere.
  • Methane and other gases form a layer in the atmosphere that traps the sun’s rays inside.
  • Burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases.
  • Spraying aerosols often releases CFCs.
  • Driving cars releases greenhouse gases.
  • Deforestation also harms the ozone layer.
  • Factory chimneys release greenhouse gases.
  • The aviation industry is a major greenhouse gas pollutant.
  • Animal agriculture produces large amounts of methane, thus:
  • Eating meat contributes to the greenhouse effect.

How to prevent the greenhouse effect.

  • Drive less – save fuels from getting burned.
  • Fly less – save fuels from getting burned.
  • Cut down on consumption.
  • Recycle, refurbish, renew, and reuse.
  • Use fewer sprays – sometimes, they too contain toxic elements.
  • Stop using fossil fuels – when fossil fuels such as coal, oil, etc. are burned, they release a large measure of greenhouse gases into the environment causing the greenhouse effect.
  • Switch to renewable energy.
  • Shop from eco-friendly companies.
  • Campaign to encourage others to do the same.


What action will you take to halt the greenhouse effect?

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