Short Paragraph on Guidance and Counselling

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Short Paragraph on Guidance and Counselling

Meaning: Guidance and counseling (sometimes called ‘guidance counseling) is a type of counselling that aims to help individuals to develop both personally and professionally. Indeed, more often than not, personal and professional development are very much interlinked.

Counselling in a particular contextGuidance counselling does not happen in a vacuum. Guidance counselors are usually embedded within a particular institution, such as a school or a place of work.

Fulfilling an institution’s aimsGuidance counselors help individuals to achieve not only personal and professional development, but also to align themselves with the aims of a particular institution. For example, a guidance counselor in a school might help students to resolve both emotional difficulties and problems with their studies so that they can do their best in the classroom.

Complementarity. A guidance counselor thus often views the aims of an individual and of an institution as complementary to each other.

ConclusionGuidance and counseling is a specific type of counseling. Have you ever seen a guidance counselor yourself?

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