Short Paragraph on Happiness

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Short Paragraph on Happiness

So many of us are chasing happiness. And it is so important that we find it!

What is Happiness? Happiness is an emotional and mental state of joy and pleasure. It involves enjoyment and satisfaction in life, as well as a positive attitude.

Why is Happiness Important?

1. The purpose of life. Being happy is one of the main purposes of life.

2. Health. A positive outlook helps to boost our immune system and help us to protect ourselves against disease. Happiness equals elevated emotional and mental health, as well as physical health.

3. Productivity. When we are enjoying our work, our productivity increases.

4. Zero conflict. When we are happy we do not get into disputes and conflicts so readily. So, we have a good effect on others, too.

5. A fulfilling life. When we are happy, we feel that our life is more satisfying and fulfilling.

How to Stay Happy.

1.Good companyBeing around happy people helps to make us happy. So get in touch with that happy friend today!

2. Eat healthy. Healthy eating promotes both physical and mental wellbeing and helps us to stay happy.

3. Exercise. Release those happy hormones with a workout.

4. Help othersDonate to charity or to other acts of kindness.

5. Spread happiness. Teach others to be happy and your own happiness will increase too.


It’s easy to find happiness – and to make others happy too.

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