Short Paragraph on Holidays in India

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Short Paragraph on Holidays in India

What are holidays?

Holidays are the days of rest, relaxation or festivities. Most of the holidays in India are the occasions for religious activities.

Sunday is a Christian holiday to offer prayers in the church. But we have another kind of holidays which we call national holidays. They are so called because they are connected with freedom movement and historical events.

There is Gandhi Birthday, the Independence Day, the Republic Day, Raksha Bandhan etc. which are observed by all Indian citizens.

How holidays are observed

India is a multi-religious country. So in the list of holidays there are provisions for the holidays of the Hindus, the Muslims, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Sikhs and others to perform their respective religious rites.

Though a holiday is meant for a particular community it is enjoyed as a general holiday by the people of all communities.

All educational institutions, Government offices, law courts etc. remain closed and the people of other communities can make the most of it.

Holidays for students

Holidays are enjoyed most by students. Perhaps they enjoy the greatest number of holidays. They enjoy long summer vacation in May-June when the temperature is at its highest in India.

Students also enjoy Puja holidays during Durgapuja, Lakshmipuja, Kalipuja, Diwali.

Students most often utilize long holidays in sight seeing or pleasure trips. Christmas holidays are also utilized for picnic purposes and short tour.

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