Short Paragraph on Horse

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Short Paragraph on Horse

Description: A horse is a good-looking animal. The mane on its neck, its glossy skin and the symmetrical shape of the body – all make it fine animal.

It is a strong, healthy and tall animal. It has four legs, two eyes, two ears and a bushy tail. Horses are of different colors, sizes, and shapes. It may be of red, brown, grey, black and white, and a mixture of such colors.

Its body is covered with short glossy hair. Its hoofs are hard and solid. Horses eat grass, oats, gram, leaves, food-grains and other vegetables.

Where found? Horse is found in almost all countries. The Arabian variety is very handsome. English and Australian horses are of great use in races. The Burma ponies are very small animals. It can move along at a rapid rate. Its hoofs are well adapted to rough roads. Its food consists of grass, gram, oats, and other vegetables.

Usefulness: It is a very useful animal. It is very bold, strong and clever. So it was used in the battlefield in the past. In former days, the reputation of warriors depended on their war-horses. Even now, horses carry provisions for the army, at the places where motor-lorries cannot reach.

Horses are noted for their faithfulness, strength, agility and gentleness and are of immense service to man. The horse saves its master’s life even at the cost of its own life. The story of Rana Pratap Singh’s famous war-horse ‘Chaitak’ is a typical example of the faithfulness of horses.

Horse carries us on its back and draws carriage. It can even plough the field.

Horse racing and horse riding are very popular sports even today. Now it is used mainly in army, circus show, and polo game.

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