Short Paragraph on Human Rights

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Short Paragraph on Human Rights

On 10th December, 1948 the General Assembly of the UNO adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

‘Human Rights’ are some civil rights – a right to live, to liberty, to education, to property, to freedom of movement and assembly. These are enjoyed both by the citizens and the aliens.

On the other hand, political rights – such as right to elect the government, right to be elected and right to hold any public office are enjoyed only by the citizens of a country.

It is desirable that all individuals should enjoy human rights without any discrimination. These are established and protected by law in different countries. These rights are incorporated in the constitutions of the democratic countries. The Indian Constitution guarantees certain fundamental rights, and some other important socio-economic rights are included in the form of Directive Principles of state policy.

Though Indian Constitution has sanctioned many rights, in practice there are certain vicious factors that stand in the way of enjoyment of these rights. These factors are casteism, illiteracy, population explosion, superstition, communal tension, terrorism, untouchability, etc.

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