Short Paragraph on Illiteracy

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Short Paragraph on Illiteracy


Illiteracy refers to the inability of a person to read and write. It is a major cause of prevailing poverty and ignorance among a large section of Indian community.

There are many people who have never had the opportunity to go in for formal education, mostly due to poverty and sometimes due to an indifferent family background.

Education and literacy injects determination and will-power in a student to achieve what he want. Such confident students become successful in their endeavors.

How to solve or overcome Illiteracy?

Illiteracy is both a social-evil and a national problem for India. Every efforts should be made by all to solve the problem of illiteracy:

  • We should double our efforts and make it our mission now to help the poor children in their studies.
  • Children should be encouraged to develop a taste for learning.
  • We should donate our old books from junior classes, so that it may be of some help for the poor people.
  • Teacher should come forward and devote some time for teaching the poor children.
  • Even students can teach the basics of languages and enable them to read and write.
  • Education of women and girl-child should be given due importance.
  • Adult education can be a critical factor in our mission to solve the various social issue such as poverty, child-labor, women-empowerment, health and sanitation, ignorance, etc.

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