Short Paragraph on Importance of Freedom

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Short Paragraph on Importance of Freedom

Freedom can be defined both as the presence of something, and as the absence of something. Freedom is the presence of the power to act and speak as we wish (as long as we do not impinge on others’ freedom).

Freedom is also the absence of inappropriate or unfair physical restrictions. There is a complete absence of foreign control and it provides us with opportunity to act according to our own will.

Why is being free important?

1. An amazing feeling. The feeling of being free and liberated is beyond anything else a human can experience.

2. Self respect. When we are free, we can take more pride in our lives, and honor others as they honor us.

3. Economic prosperity. It is well known that communities and nations that are free are more prosperous and able to offer better working conditions to their communities.

4. Societal Growth. Free societies can become richer in ways that are not just financial. They can, for instance, offer a better education to citizens because they are not restricted by censorship.

5. A human right. The right not to be enslaved is recognized as a human right both internationally and in constitutions throughout the world.

Is Freedom Free? Though freedom is a right, and something that all humans should be able to enjoy, many people have sacrificed greatly to enable future generations to be free. Hence, Freedom should always be used in a righteous manner.


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