Short Paragraph on Importance of Group Communication

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Short Paragraph on Importance of Group Communication

What is group communicationGroup communication is communication that occurs between members of a group. It can involve speech, writing, gesture and many other types of communication.

Importance of group communication.

Sharing ideas. We can only share our ideas with others if we all communicate: listening to each other and expressing ourselves.

Solving problems. Studies have shown that groups can be much more efficient than individuals at solving problems: if they communicate effectively.

Delegating tasks. Part of group communication (for instance in the workplace) may involve apportioning jobs.

Democratic engagement. If everyone in a group wants to be able to have their say on a matter, it is crucial that everyone can communicate effectively.

Making friends. Feeling able to communicate with everyone in a group creates a positive social atmosphere.

Learning about each other. Learn about other people in your group by communicating with them.

Developing a sense of group identity. Groups that communicate well tend to develop a cohesive group identity.


Which groups do you belong to? How might you communicate better with them?

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