Short Paragraph on Importance of Guidance

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Short Paragraph on Importance of Guidance

What is guidance? Giving guidance means giving someone else advice and support in a particular area of their life.

Types of guidance: There can be said to be three main types of guidance. Educational guidance is where a teacher or other education professional guides students’ learning.

Personal guidance can come from anyone but often comes from friends and family members; it involves them giving us guidance about our decisions in our personal life, such as marriage and friendships.

Vocational guidance happens in the workplace or with a careers advisor.

Importance of guidance.

1. Feeling supported: getting guidance helps us to feel supported rather than alone as we make decisions.

2. Staying informed: others’ guidance helps us to make well informed decisions.

3. Thinking of the future: others’ guidance can be a catalyst for enabling us to think about the future consequences of our actions.

4. Making the best plan: guidance enables us to make better plans for our projects.

5. Giving something back: giving guidance to others enables us to help them in their turn.


We can all give each other a little help and guidance where it is needed.

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