Short Paragraph on Importance of Non-verbal Communication

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Short Paragraph on Importance of Non-verbal Communication

What is non-verbal communication? Non-verbal communication is communication that does not involve words.

Examples: Non-verbal communication can take many forms. For example, it might involve:

  • Body language.
  • Facial expressions.
  • Gestures.
  • Visual images.
  • Non-verbal sounds (such as laughing or sighing).

Importance of non-verbal communication.

Many of us use non-verbal communication. But, why is it so important? Read on to find out.

1. Authentic: some people argue that, no matter what we say, body language is an authentic representation of our mind.

2. Universal: even if two people speak different languages, they can still understand each other’s facial expressions and gestures.

3. Ideal for non-verbal people: some people do not communicate via language, whether due to a disability or because they prefer not to.

4. Connectedness: communicating via non-verbal language provides a sense of physical connectedness that we do not always get with words.

5. Spontaneous: non-verbal communication can be more fun and spontaneous.

6. Subtle: non-verbal communication (e.g. slightly raising an eyebrow to indicate disbelief) can also be very subtle.

7. Expressive: non-verbal communication can be just as expressive as words.

How much attention do you pay to non-verbal communication techniques?

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