Short Paragraph on Importance of Partnership

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Short Paragraph on Importance of Partnership

Partnership is the act, or the state, of working together with someone else. People who are involved in a partnership are said to be partners.

A partnership can be many things. On the one hand, for example, there are romantic partnerships such as marriages. On the other, there are business partnerships. The importance of partnership is highlighted below.

1. Creativity: problems are solved much more effectively when two people put their heads together.

2. Sociability: humans are social animals, and working in partnership enables them to express this sociability.

3. Time-effectiveness: working in partnership is more time effective than working alone. Projects are completed more quickly when two people work on them.

4. Reliability: when two people are supporting each other, they can each rely on each other to complete their projects.

5. Flexibility: partnerships can be whatever the two partners want them to be: a marriage, a friendship, a work arrangement, and much much more.

6. Extra resources: when two people pool their resources, they have much more resources to complete their projects.

7. Forging relationships: working towards a common goal is an excellent way to create a strong and lasting relationship.

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