Short paragraph on Importance of Rainy Season in India

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Short paragraph on Importance of Rainy Season in India

No wonder, rain is regarded as a god in India. This rain-god is perhaps the most important god. For, it is the god of life itself.

Rainy season gives a new life to the earth. Everything lies dead in summer. There is a cry for water everywhere, for nothing can live without water. Then a cloud brings showers. A shower of rain is a life-force. No plant or drop can grow without the help of rain. What will happen if there is no rain? There will be famine and death everywhere. This lovely earth will be turned into a desert. The whole creation of God will fail.

Rainy Season in India is considered to be the best. Spring, no doubt, is beautiful but it is not useful. Spring gives a new beauty to plants and flowers; but who gives them life? The beauty of the rose will vanish if rain does not come. Rainy season is like a mother than feeds and nurses these flowers. That is, spring gives only beauty but rainy season gives life.

But the rainy season is very dirty. It is full of mud. This is how you complain. But really it is not dirty. It only looks dirty. It has the clean heart of a dirty mother. A mother has to make herself dirty for her children. But this dirty mother produces something beautiful. Is not a lotus born in mud? Can a lotus be born in a clean place? Can the lovely spring give birth to even one lotus?

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