Short Paragraph on Importance of Solar Energy

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Short Paragraph on Importance of Solar Energy

Solar energy is energy that is created using the sun’s rays. Solar energy is also known as ‘photovoltaic’ energy, because it turns the sun’s photons into electric voltage.

Solar energy is usually captured using solar panels, which can be added to houses and other buildings. The importance of solar energy is highlighted below.

1. Renewable: solar energy is a renewable form of energy. The sun is not depleted when humans harness its energy.

2. Green: solar energy does not release harmful greenhouse gases or other noxious substances.

3. Reliable: some people do not think that solar energy is reliable. However, solar panels can store solar energy for use during days when the sun is obscured by clouds.

4. Cheap: once solar panels are installed, solar energy is very cost effective to run.

5. A sign of progress: solar panels are a sign of scientific and ecological progress.

6. Perfect for hot countries: countries that are very sunny are perfect candidates for using solar energy.

7. Versatile: once converted into electricity, solar energy can be used for anything, including powering homes.

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