Short paragraph on Indian Beggars: Their problem and solutions

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Short paragraph on Indian Beggars: Their problem and solutions

There are innumerable beggars in India. They grow in a dirty society. Is not our society very dirty? Most of the people cannot feed and clothe themselves. They are all hungry and semi-naked. They have nothing and they are nothing less than nothing. They are mere shadows. They have no share at all in the wealth of their nation. Our society has not given them anything.

And yet these beggars do not curse those who have made them so helpless. They go from door to door and bless you. They wish you a long and happy life. They also bless their God who is so unkind to them. They thank God for not making them worse still. They even sing in praise of their Creator. Almost all the blind beggars are good singers. They beg in the name of their Merciful Father. They curse themselves and not their enemies.

What large hearts in rags! And how narrow the hearts in silken clothes! We hate their very presence. We sometimes give them a handful of grain or a piece or two. But we do not love them. We give them a little just to get rid of them. Is it proper?

What is the Solution?

The fortunate people whom God has blessed with health, wealth and education should spare some time, money for the welfare of the backward classes of the society. The educated class should meet them in person and explain them the value of education. The wealthy class should do mass appeal for free school set up.

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