Short Paragraph on Indiscipline among Students

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Short Paragraph on Indiscipline among Students

Indiscipline among Students

Introduction: Nowadays people often discuss indiscipline among students. In fact, the problem of unrest and indiscipline among students is growing at an alarming proportion.

The problem of indiscipline among students

Indiscipline among students has become a social problem. It leads to many problems such as:

Strikes: Students are now so in-disciplined and restless that they call a strike on flimsy grounds. They march along the corridors or inside the campus of the schools, colleges and universities and shout slogans.

Posters: Posters projecting various demands appear on the walls of the institutions.

Misbehavior: They think it heroism to insult or assault the teachers. Such acts are harmful for the society at large.

Copying during examination: Copying from books in the examination hall seems to be their right. Such acts of indiscipline should never be tolerated.


Thus disturbance has been widely spread in academic arena and institutions have become a hot-bed of politics. However, we must admit that the growing indiscipline and unrest among the students is only a reflection of the growing disorder in society itself.

All around they see an abominable degradation of social and moral values.

Infiltration of politics into the academic life has added flame to the fire.

Political leaders use the students as the pawns on the chess-board.

The gloomy vision of future brings them frustration and frustration begets unrest.


The removal of this frustration can act as the remedy of such rest and thus only we can restore academic peace and discipline. They need hope, encouragement, sympathy and also some idealism. And, for this, they need some ideal teachers who may be their living examples to turn the tide in its right curse.

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