Short Paragraph on Intrapersonal Communication

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Short Paragraph on Intrapersonal Communication

Meaning of Intrapersonal communication: Intra- is a prefix that means ‘within’. Intrapersonal communication takes place within someone’s mind or thoughts.

Intrapersonal communication vs. Interpersonal Communication: Intrapersonal communication is different from interpersonal communication. Whilst the latter takes place between distinct people, the former takes place within a single person’s mind.

Relationship between Intrapersonal communication and Interpersonal communication: Intrapersonal communication is often seen to be closely linked with interpersonal communication. In fact, the two can be said to complement each other, as we communicate better with others once we have developed good intrapersonal communication skills.

Examples of Intrapersonal Communication: There are various different types of intrapersonal communication, for example:

  1. Thinking quietly to oneself and reflecting on one’s thoughts.
  2. Writing down a diary for oneself to read over later.
  3. Reflecting on one’s memories.
  4. Practising a speech in front of a mirror.
  5. Writing a to do list to remind oneself what things need to be done in the future.

Which types of intrapersonal communication do you use in your everyday life? Do you use all of the types described above?

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