Short Paragraph on Large Scale Industries in India

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Short Paragraph on Large Scale Industries in India

India’s progress in modernization of Industries has been quite impressive. India is a fast growing major economy. It size is vast. There is a rising graph of growing requirements for all kinds of products.

The cement industry is said to be more or less self-sufficient as far as India’s requirements are concerned.

The coal industry is limited by the deposits within the womb of the earth.

The cotton textile industry provides the major portion of India’s requirements.

The iron and Steel industry of India is quite large. It is still expanding in many directions in order to meet the requirements of the growing shipping, engineering  and other industries in the country.

Other industries: India has many large metallurgical industries. Shipbuilding, automobile industry and other large-scale engineering industries are directions in which India’s capital and enterprise will have a large scope for operation.

The following are the principal lines in which India’s industrial development has been in a large scale:

  1. Iron and steel industry
  2. Tea Industry
  3. Paper Industry
  4. Cement Industry
  5. Coal Industry
  6. Sugar Industry
  7. Glass Industry
  8. Soap Industry
  9. Cotton Textile Industry
  10. Jute Industry
  11. Match Industry
  12. Soap Industry
  13. Power Industry
  14. Petroleum Industry.

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