Short Paragraph on Leisure

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Short Paragraph on Leisure

Leisure means the free time at one’s disposal. In fact, Leisure time is the time when a man is his own master and is at liberty to pass his time in the manner he chooses. It gives a man an opportunity to engage in various leisure activities for enjoyment.

There is a proverb, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is quite true. Constant work brings fatigue to a man. Leisure gives our muscles and nerves rest. It releases a man from the monotony of toil and releases him from the worries of duty. And thus it gives him new vigor and energy. As a machine needs rest and oiling, so it is for a human body. Without leisure human life would have been a dull affair.

Aristotle said that leisure is an essential condition of happiness. It has been rightly described as the mother of art, science, philosophy and culture, as leisure time provides us time for deep thought and meditation.

Of course, leisure time should be properly used. It should not be wasted away in idleness as it is rightly said, ‘An idle brain is a devil’s workshop’.

There are various ways of spending one’s leisure time through various leisure activities. Some go out to the countryside or some places of interest and feed their senses with sweet sights hobbies that fill their leisure with pleasure.

However, we see that leisure is often abused. Many spend it in idle gossips over trifle matters. Some others waste their leisure time by drinking, gambling etc.

At any rate leisure should not be wasted in any unworthy activity. Actually we require leisure as it helps us to forget for a time the cares and worries of life and to stand and stare at the intervals of work.

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