Short Paragraph on Liberalism

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Short Paragraph on Liberalism


Liberalism is not a systematic doctrine, but a compilation of contributions made by eminent thinkers.

Liberalism mainly relates to the right to liberty and equality. Liberty refers to the freedom to live freely without oppression.

Growth of new commercial class, rise of individualism and religious toleration in the West gave rise to Classical Liberalism whose main features were freedom and natural law.

The evolution of liberal ideas took a very long time. Propelling conditions for economic growth at the beginning of 21st century have enlarged the scope for safeguarding ‘intrinsic humanism’ at different levels that provides a guarantee for liberal ideas.

Liberalism gives importance to individual liberty, democratic institutions and free enterprise.

Religious tolerance and liberalism are the most important philosophy of liberalism.

Liberalism gives priority to civil liberty, personal liberty, social liberty, economic liberty, racial liberty. It gives importance to social utility.

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