Short Paragraph on Life Cycle

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Short Paragraph on Life Cycle

Life Cycle: The organisms have their birth and death. After getting their birth, the organisms grow slowly and mature at last.

Matured organism can reproduce and give birth to new offspring. Mature organisms die. Newly produced organism mature slowly again. The life cycle is thus rotated.

The plants produce flowers, fruits and seeds. If we bury the seeds in soil; new plants are developed under favorable condition. These newly born plants produce flowers, fruits, and seeds after being matured. The mature plant dies once but its seed rotates its life cycle.

The life cycle of animals are also rotated in such way. In the life cycle of insects, we can see four stages such as egg, larva, pupa and imago (adult).

The life cycles of organisms are their important features. The non-living maters lack these life cycle and reproductive power.

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