Short Paragraph on ‘Life is Precious’

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Short Paragraph on ‘Life is Precious’

Origin: There is no definite origin of the phrase life is precious, it is a common feeling that humans have had throughout history.

However, this phrase can be rooted in a definite concept: the idea of the sanctity of life which can be traced back to the texts associated with many world religions, including the Old Testament.

Meaning: Life is precious means that life is valuable. It also means that life is important. It is the idea that we should value our lives.

The phrase can also be extended to other living things. It can mean that all life, of whatever kind, is precious.

Why life is so precious? Please find below a few reasons why life is so precious:

  1. Love: the lives of those we care about is so important to us.
  2. Limited: we only have a certain amount of time on earth, so it is important not to waste it.
  3. Potential: we have the potential to do wonderful things with our lives.
  4. Sanctity: by virtue of their humanity, all humans should be respected and valued.
  5. Dependence: so many good things are dependent on humans possessing life, such as friendship.
  6. Joy: being alive can fill us with joy.
  7. Inherently good: being alive is something intrinsically good.

Conclusion: We should respect all of human life – and other life forms too.

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