Short Paragraph on Lohri Festival

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Short Paragraph on Lohri Festival

Introduction: Lohri is a Punjabi festival, celebrated primarily by people belonging to the Punjabi community.  The Sindhi people celebrate this festival as ‘Lal Loi”.

It is most popular festival in the state of Punjab in India. Besides India, it is celebrated world-wide by Punjabi people.

Significance: Lohri marks the end of the winter season. Therefore, it is a seasonal festival. It is also considered a harvest festival and it is an important day for the farmers.

Legend of Dulla Bhatti: People have also connected the Lohri festival with the folk legend of Dulla Bhatti. It is believed that Dulla Bhatti was a robber. But, he rescued and saved many girls from slave market.  So, the people sing songs to express their gratitude towards him. He is widely described in the folklore of Punjab. Many of the Lohri songs focus on the good deeds of Dulla Bhatti.

Celebration: Lohri Festival is usually celebrated on 13th day of January every year. It is usually celebrated on the day before the Makar Sankranti festival.

  • Lohri marks the end of winter season. People make every effort to take advantage of the last days of the winter season.
  • It provides an opportunity to interact with friends and families

Kite Flying: People also fly kites on this day. Kite flying event is enjoyed by all ages.

Bonfire: Men and Women wear traditional clothes and dance around the bonfire. They also sing songs and mantras to please God.

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