Short Paragraph on Marco Polo’s visit to India

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Short Paragraph on Marco Polo’s visit to India

Marco Polo’s visit to India

Marco Polo of Venice was one of the earliest foreigner traveler to visit India. Towards the close of the thirteenth century he came to Malabar or the districts of the Coromandal Cast and has given us an account of the kingdom of Pandya.

During the period Delhi Sultanate, many travelers visited India from time to time. From their accounts we learn a great deal about the social and economic conditions of our country during the period.

According to Marco Polo, the pearls found in the kingdom are fine and great. He speaks of the port of Kayal in glowing terms and says that it was visited by Arabian and Persian ships laden with horses and other things for sale. He praises the king for his good administration and for his generous treatment of foreign merchants.

As regards the social life of the people he refers to the polygamy of the kings, the prevalence of Sati, the popular belief in omens and astrology.

Marco Polo also visited Warangal and speaks of Queen Rudrama Devi as a lady of much discretion, who administered her realm with justice and equity. He says that the country produced the finest muslins and other costly fabrics.

Marco Polo praised the merchants of Gujarat as being the best and the most truthful in the world.

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