Short Paragraph on Media

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Short Paragraph on Media

What is Media? Media refers to any means of communication. Strictly speaking, ‘media’ is actually the plural form: the singular is ‘medium’. The word ‘medium’ comes from the Latin for ‘a means’ or ‘a method’.

Forms of Media: In the present day, means can take many forms. These include television and radio as well as printed forms such as the newspaper or marketing leaflets. Online advertising is another prevalent form of media in the present day.

Social Media: Over the last decade, social media platforms have become the chosen means of communication of people throughout the world. Companies also use social media to market products and services to the general public. Celebrities take great care to develop an attractive social media presence.

Mass Media: The media is a great way of communicating with the general public. A single tweet or online ad can catch the attention of millions of people worldwide.

The Power of the Media: The media can be used to inform and to entertain us. It can be used to persuade us to buy things – or just enable us to stay in touch with our friends!

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