Short Paragraph on Nature

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Short Paragraph on Nature

How do we define ‘nature’? Nature is everything in the physical and natural world. Plants, animals, humans and rocks are all part of nature. The sea, the stars and the insects are also part of nature!

‘Human nature’. Sometimes, the word ‘nature’ is used to mean the way in which something behaves. For instance, it is in the nature of a dolphin to be sociable and intelligent. You have surely heard humans spoken of in this way, too – when someone is joyful after a success, people may say ‘of course they are, that is human nature’.

The link between ‘human nature’ and the natural world. The notion of ‘human nature’ is closely tied to the natural world. Some people seek the source of human nature in our biological makeup, for example.

The importance of nature. The natural world does not just provide us with beautiful landscapes. It is also the source of our food and drink. Biodiversity is crucial for keeping the planet a healthy, happy place to live.

Safeguarding nature. It is so important to safeguard the natural world for future generations. Avoiding polluting the atmosphere, supporting reforestation and wildlife projects and not wasting water are some key ways that we can do so.

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