Short Paragraph on Onam Festival in Kerala

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Short Paragraph on Onam Festival in Kerala

Onam is the most popular festival in the state of Kerala. This ancient festival is being celebrated since ages.

This festival is celebrated in the loving memory of King Mahabali. King Mahabali is known for his generosity and bringing prosperity. It is believed that King Mahabali will come on this day to bless the people with happiness and prosperity.

It is also a harvest festival. It generally falls in the month of August or September.

The 10 days of Onam festival is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. Entire Kerala seem to be involved in festive activities. The first and the tenth day of the Onam Festival are most important. The ten days of Onam festival are as follows:

  1. Atham
  2. Chithira
  3. Chodhi
  4. Vishakam
  5. Anizham
  6. Thriketa
  7. Moolam
  8. Pooradam
  9. Uthradom
  10. Thiruvonam

The rich culture of Kerala is widely reflected in Onam festival. Folk dances, games, snake boat race, songs, delicious foods, etc. form part of the great festival.

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