Short Paragraph on Overpopulation

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Short Paragraph on Overpopulation

Population comes from the Latin root populus. Populus means a group of people. A population is thus the group of people who live in any given space.

Overpopulation refers to a population that is too large and thus poses a problem. Of course, this depends on the context.

Overpopulation is a major problem in developing countries like India. It is the chief cause for many problems such as poverty, illiteracy, child-labor, child-marriage, etc.

A space may be said to be overpopulated if it is:

  • Putting a strain on resources like:
    • Food and
    • Water.
  • Home to a population that is growing too fast.
  • Too small for the number of people who want to live there.

The term ‘overpopulation’ is widely used in different contexts as follows:

  1. Household: too many people living under one roof with not enough space for everyone.
  2. Town: too many townspeople and not enough jobs or material resources for them all.
  3. Environment: humans encroaching onto the natural world.
  4. Country wide: mass migration, low death rates and high birth rates cause a country to become overpopulated.
  5. Global: the idea that the population of the planet as a whole is too high.

There is a need to control overpopulation because it:

  • puts a strain on the food supply,
  • puts a strain on the climate due to excessive emissions,
  • strains the economy,
  • exhausts supplies of fuel, and
  • strains the water supply.

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