Short Paragraph on Parents

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Short Paragraph on Parents

Parents are the guardian, caretaker, protector, guide of a child. They raise and nurture the child. Generally, the mother, father, and grandparents are the parents of a child. There can be both biological and adoptive parents.

Parenting is a great job and need utmost care and affection. The task of Parents, therefore, is to develop the physical, mental, and emotional powers of the child, in a perfect balance.

Being a good set of parents does not simply mean keeping the children fed and clothed but implies that one is skilled in a mysterious and difficult art. Today, parents have to do a great deal with homework as part of her undivided responsibility for child rearing.

The modern young mother or father is neither drudge nor disciplinarian but warm, active and a companion to her children.

  • The children are not as subordinate in the household as they were in times past.
  • They are more in the nature of junior partners.
  • Their opinions are sought and given careful consideration.
  • It is not the amount but the quality of parental care that counts.

One of the important area of parent’s role in the care and welfare of their children is their attitude towards the freedom to be given to the sons and daughters.

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